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Changelog 1.10.1 / 1.10.2 / 1.10.3

Since the initial release of 1.10 in October 2021 we had some small releases with 1.10.3 just now (1st of July 2022) bringing quite a lot of small (and maybe unnoticeable) improvements to the site.

While most of the improvements are just under the hood, a few of them are also noticeable for everyone.

EVE Workbench release 1.10.2 added the ability to Remove all notifications from the notifications page in your profile.

And with the release of 1.10.3 we added the indicators to fits in a fleet if a fit is Alpha Suitable or Omega only to increase the ease of using our fleets.

What’s next?

Well, currently the development pace is still very low due to several of reasons. But don’t fear… We will keep this project alive and give it the proper love it needs! We will be back with some great enhancements in the future, such as real-time DPS projection for a fit… Maybe even based on your skills? Who knows!

But first things first… We will release 1.11 somewhere in 2022 or 2023 which will move EVE Workbench to .NET Core 6 (or 7) and with some visual changes as everything just keeps evolving!

If you have questions about EVE Workbench, you can always join our Discord-server and ask it! Feature request are also always welcome!

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