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Changelog 1.10

It was a long road with the development of EVE Workbench 1.10 and the unscheduled release on Friday the 29th of October. But we are still very proud of the work and the release itself! (Read our perspective here!)

While we’ve released the newest version, the changelog could change on a daily basis as we are still fine-tuning and polishing the release.


  • [Fits] New elastic and scalable search engine (SOLR)
  • [Caching] Added MongoDB for caching purposes (for example SDE)
  • [General] Changed data layers to speed up stuff
  • [General] Added more microservices to the infrastructure; this allows us to update parts of EVE Workbench with limited, to no, downtime

Changed / updated:

  • [General] Upgraded from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5
  • [General] Upgraded from .NET Core 3 to .NET 5
  • [Fits] Rewrote the import, edit and detail of fits
  • [Fits] Changed the entire lay-out to a boxed variant to make it better mobile friendly

Changes after release:

  • [Fits] Fixed the ability to use the promoted fit
  • [Profile] Fixed the URL behind fits on a user’s profile page
  • [General] Fixed countless smaller issues

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