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Abyss Tracker 2.0 and EVE Workbench changes


When we took over the Abyss Tracker in late January 2023 we already announced that we where going to change the codebase from PHP to .NET Core. With this announcement, we want to give more insights and give you a preview.

In the last previous days, we pushed a lot of incremental updates to EVE Workbench to make it possible to work with the Abyss Tracker 2.0 Preview version.

As announced on Lionear‘s stream of 18th of August the development team of EVE Workbench started with the new version of Abyss Tracker which is based on the same technology as EVE Workbench.

We also shared the preview link which was only an empty shell with fake data so we can see if the elements will fit and the GUI does work with the chosen rendering tech etc.

While we introduced Blazor components in EVE Workbench version 1.12 the entire Abyss Tracker 2.0 has been build as a Blazor application. This makes the website feel more solid and gives us a lot of new features we can use through the website.

The initial goal of the Abyss Tracker 2.0

Our goal is to deliver a brand new platform with atleast the same kind of functionality. Since it leans on the EVE Workbench codebase we have a lot of features available which we can reuse in some way.

The main part of the Abyss Tracker is of course the ability to track your runs and submitting them with the loot difference from before you went into the abyss and when you returned.

You can either use the manual timer or just use the stopwatch which tracks your location* in EVE Online. Check the YouTube video below how it works in our first dev iteration:

Abyss Tracker 2.0 – Abyss Tracker 2.0 – First preview of location tracking and run saving

We also changed the position of the last added runs on the frontpage as this is where the website is about. Its now above the active contributors instead of below the fits.

Some ideas for the future

Also as announced we want your input as well. The Abyss Tracker is a wonderful place with a great community but we really need your input to get the Abyss Tracker to the next level.

We do have some ideas to make it better as well and some of them are as following:

Run Parties

With Run Parties we want to create the ability to group multiple runs (depending on the hull size…). So when you run the abyss with your buddies or with multiple accounts you can create runs for all of them and the Run Party will show all the gained and lost/consumed items.

The individual runs can be shown but won’t be used for the calculations of the loot drops. Meaning that the parent run will be used. Giving a better overview of the loot, survivability (since your buddy could have died) etc.

Automatically linking of killmails (through EVE Wreckbench)

The other idea we have is to automatically link the loss of your ship to the run. This only works if you use the stopwatch functionality as we then know in what Abyssal Deadspace you where.

With this the site can show the real survivability based on kills that happened during your run.

You mentioned changes in EVE Workbench?

Yes. As the new Abyss Tracker uses the backoffice and core services of EVE Workbench we had to do a few changes to EVE Workbench as well.

The new Abyss Tracker will use EVE Workbench as its authentication service, meaning that if you are already logged in to EVE Workbench and you click the button on the Abyss Tracker it will automatically log you in.

To gain access to your location we also added the scope esi-location.read_location.v1 to EVE Workbench. So if you login again you will get the question if you want to grant us this scope.

We will not actively track your location and will only be used when enabling the Stopwatch on the new Abyss Tracker.

Can I try and test the new Abyss Tracker?

Also a short answer. Yes. The preview version of Abyss Tracker 2.0 is available on and can be used to submit runs.

Please remember that the runs added during this preview phase will be removed so you’ll agree on donating the data for development purposes ;).

Thats all!

Thanks for your attention on this very long post of us!

If you have questions about the preview version of the Abyss Tracker please join the EVE Workbench Discord and you can ask them freely in one of the Abyss Tracker channels.

Fly save o7

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