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Abyss Tracker fits on EVE Workbench

Since the availability of the preview of the new Abyss Tracker the fits where already shared between both sites. The only downside was that EVE Workbench didn’t have the ability to show this yet.

With the release of EVE Workbench version 1.13.0 we’ve added a few basic functionalities of the new Abyss Tracker to the Fit import, Fit edit and Fit detail pages.

Upload a new Abyssal fit to EVE Workbench

If you upload a new fit of a hull that can enter the Abyssal Deadspace you now will get a new option under the Description of the fit. Which will look like this:

By default the selection is set to This is a normal fit which basically means that the fit will only be visible on EVE Workbench. If it is an Abyssal fit, and you want to have it visible on the Abyss Tracker (Preview) website you should select This is a Abyssal fit. If selected you will see this:

You have to select at least one recommended weather and tier like on the Abyss Tracker. If you don’t do this you will get this error:

Once you’ve selected the tier and save the fit and you go to the page on EVE Workbench a few indicators are added:

There is a new button (I know… its ugly) to open the fit on the Abyss Tracker (Preview). This will give you extended details about how the fit can preform in the abyss.

Next to that, there is a tag added to the Modules tab with the text Abyss, just to emphasize it a little more that this is an Abyssal Deadspace fit.

Below the fit information and above the YouTube video and Description you will see the Maximum suggested Abyssal difficulty, like on the Abyss Tracker

Update your Abyssal fits to be usable on Abyss Tracker (Preview)

I’d like to ask you to update the Abyssal fits you’ve uploaded to EVE Workbench using the edit functionality. If the hull is capable to fly in the Abyssal Deadspace you will see the same option as above. So you can select if you want to have it visible on Abyss Tracker and which tier it is usable with.

EVE Workbench fit search

We’ve also added a small indicator to the search items on EVE Workbench. There is an Abyss Tracker logo next to the Alpha/Omega indicator, suggesting the fit is an Abyss Tracker fit.

Having issues or questions?

If you encounter issues with EVE Workbench or if you have questions about how things work please don’t hesitate and reach out to us.

Join our Discord-server and feel free to ping us!

Fly safe!
– Lionear

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