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Abyss Tracker… Newly build website, same troubles?!

You remember the promise we made the moment we took over the Abyss Tracker and started to rebuild the PHP version to .NET with Blazor?

Well… We do, but sadly the rebuild isn’t working as intended either. We still encounter downtime on the Abyss Tracker due to issues we see within the use of the Blazor technique.

Whats the problem?

Even though Blazor seems to be a nice technical solution for a Single Page Application (SPA) where you only need to code the stuff in C# and only use HTML for the frontend without the need of JavaScript it also had a big disadvantage.

In our case we used the technique ServerSide Rendering, meaning that all requests are rendered on our servers and then pushed to the client through WebSockets. But this is also the big issue, all active (and closed) sessions are kept on the server. Causing that the available memory pool will grow to its maximum and then it causes issues and will eventually crash.

We’ve already solved a part in the current Abyss Tracker version but its still not good enough from our perspective.

Whats next?

We have started to develop a new version again. Meaning that we will have to redo all the backend logic once again.

The biggest difference is that we are moving to Angular instead of using the Blazor implementation of Microsoft. So we will create a new server and client layer. The benefit of this approach is mostly on the client end. You will not get any annoying messages that the server has stopped or that you have gotten disconnected.

With Angular we will have the ability to reconnect your session with the backend.

But this also means that we are going to ask for your patience once more, and we will make the same promise. The New New Abyss Tracker will be more stable than the old and the current new one.

If you have questions in regards of the development you can join our Discord server or the Abyssal Lurkers Discord server.

Thanks for your patience and fly safe!

The EVE Workbench-team

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