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Ads are coming…

The title says whats going to change on the short term but… Also wanted to explain why we are doing it…

While we tried to run EVE Workbench (EWB) without ads since we started the project we already mentioned it a few times in the past.

Sadly, the reality is that the costs for our servers will go up 60% within the next few months. Since we pay the bills for EVE Workbench from our personal income this is going to hit us harder then we’d like.

Since not only this is rising sky high also is the daily life with the electrical and gas prices which went 200%+ within months.

The fact is that this is not only for us ofcourse, but it made the decision to add ads to EWB kinda obvious for us.

We also know that we’re kinda quite at this moment, due to serveral of things. But believe me if I tell you that we are still busy with EWB!

For now, fly safe and have fun!

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