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Downtime EVE Workbench and immediate release of EVE Workbench 1.10

Hi all!

As some of you already might have experienced is that EVE Workbench was down quite some time yesterday. This is due to that our entire production stack crashed and took quite some time to get everything online again.

During this downtime we decided also to upgrade all of our machines, so we have the latest software packages available.

Next to this we also decided that we should roll out EVE Workbench 1.10 which introduces quite a lot of changes. The biggest change is that we moved the fit search to a new mechanism where we don’t use the MSSQL database but a SOLR endpoint which is scalable and elastic. This should improve the speed and capabilities of the search engine.

Next to this change we have updated the UI to be better usable on mobile devices but also to be better and more user-friendly. The entire fitting window has been changed, and we added tabs to shorten the page.

Wait, what is EVE Workbench? Well for those who don’t know EVE Workbench yet, we are a website where you are able to find EVE Online fits or share them with other users. Next to that you are able to browse the market and do appraisals. So if you like this make sure to check out our website 🙂

If you encounter any issues, please feel free to join our Discord-server and contact us about this.

Fly safe and hope to see you guys in New Eden and on our website!

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