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EVE Workbench 1.12 to be released in June


We are happy to announce that we are aiming towards a release of the new EVE Workbench 1.12 version in June 2023. This will be one of the larger feature updates since we added the functionality for sharing fits back in version 1.0.8 and the rework in version 1.3.0 where we introduced the radial style of the fit.

New features

  • Fitting detail with DPS calculations
  • Promoted Fit portal
  • Enhanced API for 3rd party developers

And a lot of smaller fixes to make EVE Workbench even more stable and to facilitate functionalities on the Abyss Tracker.

Fitting detail with DPS calculations

This is one of the most requested features by the EVE community since we rolled out the fitting statistics in version 1.0.8. It took us a long time as we didn’t really know how to make it visible and usable on the web, but we think we found a neat way to do this with drag and dropping the items on the applicable turrets.

How does this work?

You click on one of the turrets you want to put a charge on.

The empty turrets

You will get a list of applicable charges which you can drag and drop on the turret or in the middle of the fit.

How the radial acts when dragging a charge

Once you drop it on the orange circle or on one of the turrets, they will change to the charge and the statistics will be recalculated.

Loaded charges on the turrets

The calculated DPS

Making the entire page look like this

Promoted Fit portal

Recently we got a request from a streamer to be able to link towards previously promoted fits. While the url /u/<eve-character>/promoted-fit just was a redirect to the fit which was set to promoted, we had to change this.

With the new setup we have solved it to have a new portal with just the promoted fit without all statistics and the new interactive charges. But… You can copy the EFT or push the fit to EVE from the promoted fit page itself, or just open the details to find out the statistics.

Enhanced API

Did you know we have a public available API for 3rd party developers? If not, ping us on Discord!

But we released an enhanced version of the API as we needed this for the Abyss Tracker but will be generally available for everyone soon(tm).

What’s Next?

As stated, these changes will be part of release 1.12 which is set to be released in June 2023. But what are the next steps?

We are currently looking with Erstschlag how we can reshape the way our fleet composition works and what we can add to make it more usable by the community and streamers in general.

There are some ideas with what we can do to accomplish this, but nothing is set in stone yet. But a few of the ideas are, for example:

  • Add the ability to create events where users can register that they want to take part;
  • Link one or more fleets to these events;
  • The fleet should have a more intuitive way of showing the fit, so maybe without the radial but with more info why to use.
  • Show only fits in the fleet you actually can use based on your skills;

Do you have ideas to make this better? Please join our Discord-server and participate in the discussion!

For now, fly safe & stay safe!

The EVE Workbench-team

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