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EVE Workbench maintenance report & Update 1.11

Maintenance report

On Saturday, 19th of November 2022, EVE Workbench was taken offline for maintenance of the infrastructure which brings you our website. As of today our infrastructure is hosted on the scalable cloud of Hetzner in Germany where the old infrastructure was hosted by OVH in France on a dedicated server with VMWare.

This move from OVH to Hetzner is also related to the fact that OVH announced to increase the prices of their platform and that we have to pay an additional monthly fee for the use of the IP addresses. Which would be a big money sink!

But this is not the only reason, the server we had was not a very new one we were running into storage issues and potential performance bottlenecks in the near future. With the move towards the scalable cloud, we can now use AMD Epyc or Intel Xeon Gold servers.

Instead of going to a managed Kubernetes provider (= expensive) we chose to go with Ubuntu Linux servers where we deployed our own managed Kubernetes cluster using k0s.

Using this tool, we can easily and quickly deploy more nodes when needed.

While the sketched infrastructure above is almost the same as we already had, but not scalable. We also chose to use a Load Balancer so all the traffic is handled on their platform and goes directly to multiple endpoints on our cluster. See screenshot how many connections we got since we went live.

Open connections since we are live

EVE Workbench version 1.11 update — Changes

EVE Workbench version 1.11 is mainly an under the hood update, which also brings a positive note to the performance of our website.


  • .NET 5 to .NET 7
  • Rewrote database model
  • Rewrote the entire async handling to use the .NET CancellationTokens, so we can cancel the entire request stack when cancelled by user.
    This helps us to free the resources for aborted requests, resulting in a more efficient way of use of the available resources.


  • [Enhancement] Added paging to the public profile list
Changed profile list

One More Thing!

Did you know that we launched EVE Wreckbench almost a year ago? This is our version of a EVE Online killboard. If you use EVE Workbench then your kills are automatically added to EVE Wreckbench.

EVE Wreckbench

Please note that this is not intended to replace zKillboard but is a side project as we already have the data.

If you have questions regarding the maintenance update, or the little side project. Please join our Discord server.

Fly safe and see you in New Eden!

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