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Favorite a fit!

This is one of the most wanted features for EVE Workbench in the past few months. So we are developing a functionality where you are able to favorite a fit on our website.

At the bottom of the fit section you will see the following button in version 1.9.5:

When you click on Favorite you will get the option to add it to your profile to be shown as a fitting. It will have the star icon so it’s easy to recognize as a favorite fitting.

The popup you will get when you favorite the fit

When you click No or outside of the popup it will be marked as private. Then you can only see it yourself under Your Account.

Also, it’s possible to remove the favorite fit at the same spot as where you marked it as a favorite.

On the original fit we will show if the fit has been favored and how many times just like:

We hope to release this functionality within a few weeks.

Fly safe!

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