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Guardians Gala frontpage widget

As you might have seen in the EVE Online “Reign” update notes is that sometime this week CCP will launch the Guardians Gala event for 2021.

Update: The Guardians Gala event just went live!

As one of the new goals of EVE Workbench is to enable our users to easily share their fits on our website for these type of events we decided to add a frontpage widget on our site.

When the event will go live we will push a minor update that will release this widget and it will look like this:

Frontpage widgets for Guardians Gala 2021

To add your fits into the ‘latest’ section all you have to do is add the tag Gala 2021 and it will be shown. We hope that you are willing to participate with us in this type of events to make EVE Workbench even a better source for the community.

If you have other questions regarding development please let us know and we might add a blog post to our website regarding the question.

Fly safe!

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