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Introducing a brand-new beta search engine

Yet again we are switching the search engine for the fits on EVE Workbench. Since we switched from MSSQL to SOLR with the release of version 1.10, the search did its thing but we found some odd things we wanted to address.

With the release of 1.12.3 we introduce a beta switch in the fit search. If you enable the beta search engine the SOLR-engine will be changed to the new Elastic-engine. While both indexes use the same underlying tech called Apache Lucene the overall way of work is way different.

With the new engine the search query automatically search through the name, character, hull, ship, slots (hi/mid/low etc.), implants etc. Where the ship and character are the highest in weight for the search which will impact the results the most.

The stable / beta switch

As this is the first piece we are changing from SOLR to Elastic, the idea is that all of the SOLR driven searches on EVE Workbench (and the new Abyss Tracker) are going to be replaced.

We need your feedback

In order to see if the new engine works as intended we need your help. Therefore we want to ask you to toggle the switch to Beta search so you can test the new search.

In our experience we have so far, you will find way more results with your search query.

If you search for soe epic arc jackdaw for example you will find the following on the SOLR engine:

While if you do the exact same search query on the Beta search you will find the following

As you can see in the example above the SOLR engine didn’t return any Jackdaw at all while the Elastic engine does. And it even finds more fits as you also search for epic arc.

If you want to drill down you should use the Ship-filter in the left bar.

One more note…

This is the first production ready part where our newest team member developed actively on. Many more new features will be released made by him in the future for sure!

Best regards,

Lionear / raymondkrah / Jithran
– the EVE Workbench team –

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