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Meet the new Abyss Tracker “Triglav”

Welcome capsuleer!

Thank you for taking your time to read this article regarding the new Abyss Tracker codename “Triglav”, version 2.0 rebuild from scratch.

First of all I’d like to give you a little bit of a background why we rebuild the entire Abyss Tracker from scratch and the current state.

Why the rebuild?

Since we took over the ‘Veetors’ Abyss Tracker late January 2023 we already decided that we would rebuild the Abyss Tracker sooner or later to match the EVE Workbench tech stack.

Next to this the current Abyss Tracker has its own issues that it can be unstable from time to time taking all the available resources on the Kubernetes cluster and MySQL server. This is stressing our entire infrastructure.

So late August we decided to rebuild the entire thing from scratch as soon as possible. Resulting in the immediate presentation of the new Abyss Tracker “Triglav” on a preview environment.. Well… Preview? Not really, as the site is deemed production ready with the features it currently has.

We present you Abyss Tracker “Triglav”

Previously we always communicated Abyss Tracker 2 as the Preview version (which it still is btw ;)). But we decided to add a name to the release as its a huge step forward in stability and making it future proof. So, we present you Abyss Tracker “Triglav”.

This version has been rebuild from scratch to match the same tech stack as EVE Workbench. For your information this is the new tech stack we use:

Coding language: .NET 7.0 C#
Frontend: Blazor Server (.NET C#)
Database: Microsoft SQL Server
Search engine: Elastic

Next to the used technique as mentioned above the new Abyss Tracker is fully integrated with EVE Workbench. This means that all the fits you add to this version are also visible on EVE Workbench.

This also means that everything we add to EVE Workbench to make features work better for you they will also be translated into the Abyss Tracker so it will benefit both sites at that moment.

Is everything fully working yet?

No, we are still developing the new Abyss Tracker. But, we think that the features that are there are production ready at the current state. So you can upload fits and create new runs.

If you are a streamer, the widgets and overlays also are already available. While this has been changed to use our own technique instead of using a third party service like Pusher (which is used in version 1).

We chose to make the biggest parts of the Abyss Tracker available for you all to use now so we can see how the tracker will work with multiple users. While we will continue to develop the (public) profile, settings and graphs.

What will happen with the fits and runs added?

All fits and runs added to the new Abyss Tracker will be kept when we go live with the new tracker. Also all runs and fits on version 1 will be migrated to the new Abyss Tracker, but we do expect to lose about 5% to 10% of the data due to incompatibility between both systems.

So can I use it safely?

Yes, the new Abyss Tracker can be used safely for daily use. But, as its still in active development the site can go down at any given point to roll out new parts of the site.

If you want more information about the new Abyss Tracker it can be done through the following channels:

EVE Workbench Discord-server
Abyssal Lurkers Discord-server
Abyss Tracker Preview website

Best regards,

The EVE Workbench Team

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