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New authentication platform

Hi Capsuleers,

When we started the development of the new Abyss Tracker in August of 2023 we enforced the users of that new platform to commit to our ESI scopes we required for EVE Workbench.

Some of you gave the feedback that this its unwanted in their eyes and we can only agree that it should be different. That said, it wasn’t that easy do decide if we could decouple the required ESI scopes required by the EVE Workbench platform for a unified login experience.

So, we started to brainstorm on how we could do this… And as of last saturday (March 16th) we have launched our new Authentication platform which is used by EVE Workbench, the new Abyss Tracker and our management platform. And in the future also for EVE Wreckbench.

Once you click the Login with EVE button you will be redirected to a new page on the domain so this is to be trusted. Here you can select and deselect the scopes you want to give us. But keep in mind that once you login to the new Abyss Tracker and you want to give less access this will reflect onto EVE Workbench as well.

This is due to the fact that the website you see is just an skin, the backend on all of websites are the same.

For now the authentication platform doesn’t have knowhow who you are but this will change in the near future as well. Some functionalities will be moved from EVE Workbench to here.

If you have questions in regards of this new platform don’t hesitate to ask them. Join our Discord server!

Fly safe o7,


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