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Road to EWB 1.10

As we announced a few months back we are busy with a big update for EVE Workbench which is version 1.10.

While it takes quite some time to fix everything and make stuff work correctly, we also decided that we should upgrade Bootstrap 4 to 5. Which will result in a better responsive website.

With this upgrade, we will also return to a boxed container instead of full fluid. This will make the site cleaner and more compact. Which also introduces other ‘issues’.

The updated boxed design

Next to the boxed update we changed a few things in the menu of our website. With version 1.10 the black top bar will always stay at the top even when you scroll through the site. Allowing quick access to all the menu items there.

This is also the reason why we moved the + New button from the main menu to the top menu.

The “+ New” menu

So, the upcoming update will give a better search, upgraded infrastructure and also a new version of bootstrap to make the site better responsive.

But, we still have a long road to go as we are changing quite a lot of our website which will lead to a better usable website.

Next to these visual updates on our website, we are also going to update the mail system we are using. Currently, all mails are sent as plaintext, and this will change to a nice HTML version of it. It’s going to be something like this;

The email verification mail

The example above is the mail you’ll receive when you add your email address to your profile, but there will be others as well.

Want to discuss new features or just have other questions? Join our Discord server!

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