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The path to EWB 1.10

Over the last couple of years we tried to keep EVE Workbench on the newest technology.
We also started to move EVE Workbench to a microservice architecture. These are the 2 main parts of the 1.10 release, in there we will focus on the update to the newest frameworks and move more parts away from the main frontend project to specific backend microservices to more load balance it all.

Here is a small list of tasks that are ahead of us:

  • Update underlying framework
  • The entire EFT import and fitting detail system will be moved to a dedicated microservice to move the CPU load of the calculations away from the website
  • Move all the Type and related Dogma information from memory to mongodb caching
  • Revamp the entire internal event trigger system to accommodate the new microservice architecture (now partial working)
  • Revamp of the entire logging system to accommodate the microservice architecture and better error tracking
  • All internal microservice communications that are still using http api will be moved to GRPC
  • Implement new search system based on SOLR for more search performance
  • Clean up the code base

And that is only a small list of updates, the real list is much longer and will keep us busy for a couple of weeks.

For suggestions and questions you can go to our discord server.

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