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Weapon and Drone DPS calculations

As we announced in our last blog, we are working on a way to show the Weapon & Drone DPS on EVE Workbench. This is one of the most requested features for EVE Workbench since we launched our fitting section.

Next to that most parts of this where already build quite a while back but we never had a good idea how we could implement it into the frontend.

As you can clearly see in the screenshot below some statistics are already quite the mess at this moment! In this example the Drone and Weapon DPS are also included.

Example of the Drone DPS and Weapon DPS in one of our tests

As we recently added the Abyss Tracker to our collection of websites we also got a neat design for the fit detail which already included the DPS in a nice way. We decided to adapt EVE Workbench to use a similar UI and the DPS will be shown this way.

Still a work in progress

This is the same element as the Abyss Tracker uses but now with real-time calculated data and on EVE Workbench. Is can calculate based on your current skills or you can select between all skills level 0 to level 5.

But this is only a small fraction of what is changed as you will get the ability to select charges for the turrets (and other possible modules).

The charges on the left of the radial and the new Resource usage component

In this new version you will be able to click on a turret, then on the left window with the title Charges all compatible charges will load for that turret. This will also work for other modules which have additional charges to place into it.

Next to that we use this new calculation method for EVE Workbench it will also be included into the Abyss Tracker so we can replace the current PyFa implementation. This allows us to calculate the statistics based on the EFT you upload instantly. No more waiting until you can use and check out your new fit on the Abyss Tracker!

This all will be released in the upcoming update for EVE Workbench release 1.12.0 and the Abyss Tracker 1.11.0.

Fly safe!
The EVE Workbench team

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