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Getting Started

Note: please keep in mind that this functionality is currently under active development. If you are using it and it stops working please check this documentation first!

To use the EVE Workbench Embedded fit you have to make sure that you can use JavaScript in your website. If you use an website builder like Wix you might need to check if this is possible.

It is also needed that your Content Security Policy (CSP) allows you to use JavaScripts from remote sources. If not, this method will not work and you will be unable to embed fits.

In order to use our Embedded fit you should add this to your <head>-tag:

<script src="" async></script>

This will load the JavaScript needed to make the embed work, the next step will be adding the embed element to your website. This is very easy as it only is a small div-tag such as:

<div class="eveworkbench-widget" data-fitting-id="FIT_GUID_HERE"></div>

You have to replace the FIT_GUID_HERE with the highlighted part from the example URL below:

If you have more questions regarding this topic please visit our Discord-server.

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