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Development ‘Roadmap’

Hi capsuleers!

As you might have noticed, we took over the Abyss Tracker late January from Veetor so we can maintain the community and the great tool for you guys. While this project is not entirely in our technical stack we decided that it would be a very good fit.

With this ‘roadmap’ we want to give you more details about our plans with the Abyss Tracker but also with EVE Workbench and EVE Wreckbench. This is not a hard map of what functionalities we are going to build but it will give you some interesting details and maybe you even want to participate in helping us to define the details!

EVE Workbench ‘roadmap’

While the most parts of EVE Workbench are quite final already we are going to change some parts of the Fitting detail.

The most heard request since the current version is that people want to see the fit DPS and drone DPS with their current skills, or the Level 1 to Level 5 selector for all needed skills. Well good news! Currently, we are developing this functionality, which is also going to benefit the current Abyss Tracker version as we can make PyFa obsolete and speed things up.

Example of the Drone DPS in one of our tests

Next to this, we are going to add a method where you can theory craft the fit with the different types of ammunition available for that turret. In the end we might even go a step further and add the same sort screen to fully theory craft a fit like you can in EVE Online or PyFa ;).

Another point at out development iteration is the placement of ads which as slightly annoying at some areas of the website. We will change how this works to make it a lot more appealing.

Abyss Tracker ‘roadmap’

With the addition of the Abyss Tracker to our network of sites for EVE Workbench this is project will be our secondary main focus. As we will rebuild the current tracker to the tech stack we also use for EVE Workbench & EVE Wreckbench. This allows us to integrate the sites on such a level that it can benefit the microservice architecture we already use.

For this roadmap we also have a small FAQ below ;).

Does this mean the Abyss Tracker will become part of the EVE Workbench site?

In short, No. The Abyss Tracker will stay its own entity within our network of websites. We think that the community for the Abyss Tracker is big enough to stand on its own, but that the site should benefit all the tech we already have built for EVE Workbench.

Some parts of the system will integrate directly into EVE Workbench, think about the fits. You can still upload and find them to the Abyss Tracker but they will also be shown on EVE Workbench in the general fit search.

I have a great idea or suggestion for the Abyss Tracker, can I share it?

Yes please! Without an active community the website can’t exist and as we aim to build what the community needs we need your input for ideas and suggestions. These ideas can also be used for our other websites to make all sites better bit by bit.

EVE Wreckbench ‘roadmap’

Most of you don’t know this website yet but we basically created an alternative killboard for EVE Online under the name of EVE Wreckbench. While there is not very much to say about this (sub)project we have the intention to make it even better in the future. But this project is on our lowest priority due to EVE Workbench & the Abyss Tracker.


As we evolve every time we post stuff to this devblog we also want to announce that we will set-up a survey on the sites in a few weeks to see what you think what have to change and what you love (or hate?) about them!

When you enter this survey you can win one of the Scope Syndication skin bundles so its worth it to fill the form out! 😉

One More Thing….

Last but not least. We are also happy to announce that we will be collaborating with Erstschlag (and the Common Nonsense stream team) to deliver new tools for streamers in the foreseeable future. We don’t have stuff yet, but once we have we will publish it on this devblog!

Stay connected!

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Fly safe!

The EVE Workbench-team

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  1. Jeffrey David Pound Jeffrey David Pound

    You should add the ability to authenticate using an EVE account. This will allow lots of benefits like live profiles, etc…

    • How do you mean this? As both the Abyss Tracker and EVE Workbench already use the EVE account to login to the websites.

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