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(Google) Ads are going away…

Last November we announced that EVE Workbench were going to show ads on our website. This due to the fact that the cost to run everything went sky-high in a few months time.

Since we took over the Abyss Tracker late January the costs even went up higher as result pushing us over the edge to also place ads on there as well.

While it was broadly announced by us many times over a time period of 2 years, the ads were really hated by most of you (and also by us btw…).

So… We are happy to announce that ads are going away as-of the 20th of May. This due to a collaboration with Markee Dragon Game Codes, partner since we started with EVE Workbench.

With the community support which Markee Dragon is giving us, all the ads on our websites are gone. So not only on EVE Workbench but also on the Abyss Tracker and EVE Wreckbench!

Want to help us stay ad-free? Please consider by subscribing to our Patreon or getting your EVE Online related codes through the Markee Dragon Game Codes-store using our coupon code “eveworkbench” which saves you 3% and supports us even more!

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  1. Leo Leo

    This is great because I hate any ads with all my heart, use ad-block browser extensions and almost totally avoid any web-resources with ads and absolutely avoid — where its aggressive.

    • As you might have noticed they work again, the issue where you are referring to was caused by the image server of EVE Online which had issues.

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