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EVE Workbench & the future!

On Saturday 15th of June 2024 the RaymondKrah and Lionear gave a presentation on the EVE Amsterdam 2024 event about 3rd party development from the perspective of EVE Workbench.

Once we have the VOD we will upload it to the EVE Workbench YouTube channel. We will try to create more content for YouTube in the future as well.

We did dive back into our history since 2019 and also about the future. Which…… Is there!.

We are happy to announce a brand-new project that will use the infrastructure from EVE Workbench but will serve a different community in general.

What’s the idea behind EVE Journal?

Well, basically it’s Abyss Tracker for missions, DED-sites and CRAB-sites and more. Players will be able to share their loot and bounties, so others can see what they could do instead of flying abyssals or what ever.

But we want it to be more, the idea is that this could become the hub for the community to share their tutorials (written / video etc) and check what fits should be used for what activity.

To make this a success, we are trying to get multiple existing communities onboard so we know we will develop something of value. We haven’t written any code yet, but we are already collaborating with the streamer Dangerous_D666 and the EVE Rookies community.

So if you have ideas, make sure to join our Discord and share them with us!

We also shared the future of EVE Workbench as the main site of our platform and the ideas we have around this website. So, we already announced EVE Workbench Tech 2 (Version 2).

Which will have many changes overall to make the website even better. The main goal is to bring the same UI to all of our websites, which would make the maintenance on our end easier.

But also a few frequently asked additions such as Theorycrafting of fits, Fit configurations, Skill Plans and Promoted Fleets. So, a lot of new features that will bring EVE Workbench to the next level and hopefully some great features for you.

Join the discussion!

Even though we announced EVE Journal and EVE Workbench v2 we want to invite you to join the discussion of what you’d like to see on both websites. You can easily do this by joining our Discord server and create topics in the appropriate channels.

We are always open for ideas as in our opinion the sites can only succeed if we do this together!

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